Aceite de Moska is a staple hair product in the Dominican Republic, and the traditional hair remedy has been used for decades to help grow hair, improve shine, and increase overall health. This plant-based treatment possesses reparative proteolytic enzymes, alongside anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe the scalp and calm irritation. Aceite de Moska leaves your hair shiny, moisturized & strengthened. However, the original treatment has a few not-so-great ingredients like blue dye & fossil-fuel-derived mineral oil, so we set out to create a clean formula with intentionally-sourced ingredients to manifest an ever greater impact. 

Aceite de Moska benefits

Our heritage scalp remedy oil, Aceite de Moska, has quickly become a fan favorite. As is true with most things, a strong and healthy foundation is necessary for growth, nourishment, and strength. In the case of our hair, the foundation is our scalp. Like we always say, hair health starts at the scalp and Aceite de Moska is here to keep yours clean, hydrated, and healthy for your luscious locks to grow from. Our Aceite de Moska is created with a cocktail of superfruits that stimulate the scalp and help to provide growth, shine, and hydration. One of our favorite things about our oil is that it smoothes the cuticles of your hair to help with frizz. The application of Aceite de Moska is different from most traditional hair oils you may have experience with because Aceite de Moska should be a part of your pre-shower routine and is for your scalp, whereas most other common hair oils are meant for after the shower and focus on your ends. However, there are many impactful ways to incorporate it into your routine beyond just the typical leave-in. We’ve made it easy for you to try them all by walking you through it below!

How to Use Aceite de Moska

1. Apply all over your scalp and leave on for 15 minutes before showering

Aceite de Moska is primarily intended for your scalp. It lifts sebum and cleanses any residue from the products you may use throughout the week. This is why we suggest applying it 1-2 times a week to keep your scalp clean and free of debris.

When applying as traditionally directed you will typically start with dirty hair. You will use the dropper to apply a small amount of oil directly onto your scalp. You can start near your forehead and run the dropper back through your scalp as you release the formula by squeezing the dropper. This ensures that the oil gets fully absorbed into the scalp & can begin nourishing your hair.

After this initial application, you should then massage the oil throughout your scalp. You can just use your fingers for this and massage in whatever way feels best for you. Pro tip: if your ends are a bit dry you can apply a few drops of Aceite de Moska to your hands and then run it through your ends for extra moisture there as well. 

After you’ve massaged throughout your scalp, you have quite a few options. You could just leave the product on for 10-15 minutes -- this should be the very least amount of time you leave it in for. You could also throw it in a ponytail and go on a run, slick it back in a low bun and take calls, or leave it down and go to bed. All oils are meant to be rinsed off after a while, so it is important to keep a note of how long Aceite is in your hair to ensure that only the healthy oils that Aceite provides remain in your hair. We recommend using our Scalp Masajeador to ensure the scalp oil is fully distributed. That leads us to the next step...wash your hair!

2. Wash your hair

The magic of the Aceite de Moska is that you see the results upon washing it out. It’s like an immediate upgrade for your hair and all you have to do is just let it sit there and absorb into your scalp! Whether you had it on overnight, during your workout, an hour-long zoom call, or just 10-15 minutes, the last step is always to wash it out. 

Of course, we recommend using silicone and sulfate-free shampoo, but feel free to use your preferred shampoo. Once in the shower, you can rinse your hair under the water but remember to make sure the water is not scorching hot as intense heat can cause more frizz. Apply your shampoo as you normally would and cleanse thoroughly to make sure you get all of the Aceite de Moska out. You can use our Scalp Masajeador here once again to produce a strong lather and deep cleanse. If you have oil-prone hair, we recommend shampooing twice here, if you don’t already, to ensure you rinse all of the Aceite de Moska out of your hair and off of your scalp. 

One of the biggest misconceptions about Aceite de Moska is that since it is hair oil, it will make your hair more oily but the fact of the matter is that oil attracts oil. The Aceite de Moska lifts those unneeded natural oils from your scalp while leaving behind the necessary moisturizing properties that are natural to your hair, the same way an oil or balm cleanser works on your face. The last step is to use your conditioner as you normally would. Then once you hop out of the shower, we always recommend using a microfiber towel to dry your hair.

Adding Aceite de Moska to conditioner

Another fun way to use Aceite de Moska on wash days when you need a quick pick-me-up is to add a few drops to your conditioner. This is a great hack for still getting some of those magical benefits. A common feeling when oil is applied to a conditioner is a heavy sensation or a heavy consistency, however, adding Aceite de Moska to your conditioner makes it even more nourishing, especially for curly hair, which needs that extra hydration. This combo locks in moisture for amazing results.

Benefits of Aceite De Moska

Before and after Aceite de MoskaOur Aceite de Moska has a very nutrient-rich ingredient list with key ingredients from Latin America, which is one major detail that really sets us apart from most other oils like ours.

The combination of our ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Babassu Oil, Castor Oil & Chia Seed Oil works together to provide multiple benefits to your hair. Our Aloe Vera from Guatemala acts as a conditioner that keeps your hair smooth & shiny while promoting hair growth. These benefits lock in the healthy moisture in your hair & keep it hydrated and shiny. Aceite de Moska also possesses Babassu Oil from Peru, which contains many antioxidants that soothe the scalp & stimulate hair. A strong and healthy scalp is key for promoting hair wellness and in turn, hair growth. We also use Castor Oil from India which boosts shine and increases strand flexibility for stronger, more durable hair. Strengthening your hair provides endurance that can protect your hair from breakage, damage, and more. Then there is Chia Seed Oil from Mexico which provides deep nourishment to the scalp and strands and has moisturizing properties for balanced hydration. Chia Seed Oil targets the shaft of the hair strands which adds a layer of protection against breakage & damage. All of these ingredients together create a unique hair treatment and unlock the best hair days, starting at the scalp. 

Besides the fact that our Aceite de Moska is made with ingredients from Latin America and is clean, it is also light-weight in comparison to other scalp oils. This means that it really doesn’t leave the scalp with a greasy, or weighed-down feeling upon rinsing. Since it is a lightweight oil, it deeply absorbs into the hair while still rinsing out easily. Our Aceite de Moska not only provides the benefits the traditional remedy is known for, but ours promises a clean formula for your hair that truly nourishes from the inside out.

Aceite de Moska for Curly Hair

Aceite de Moska for curly hair

At the end of the day, a product like Aceite de Moska is truly for any hair type since it is really about the scalp, but one of the greatest benefits of Aceite de Moska is its hydrating properties. As anyone with curly hair knows, hydration is key. Luckily, we have the perfect power trio for this. If you start with Aceite de Moska before the shower, as directed above, and follow with our curl-enhancing, nourishing Pequi Curl Activator, post-shower, you truly receive the ultimate clean curl routine. Need more hydration? Many people with curly hair love to use a touch of Aceite de Moska on their ends to seal in moisture.

We hope these tips will help bring you your best hair days. If these tips inspired you to try Aceite, click here to purchase.

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