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Find the best clean haircare products here.

✨ Step 1: Apply Aceite de Moska to your scalp 15 min before showering to cleanse and nourish your scalp⁠
✨ Step 2: Shower and rinse using the Wash Day set, using the Scalp Masajeador for a luxurious feel
✨ Step 3: Dry hair with microfiber towel (tip: helps to control frizz) and spritz Guava Rescue Spray liberally throughout hair to enjoy a smooth comb through ⁠
✨ Step 4: Work Guava Leave-In Conditioner from mids to ends to lock in hydration ⁠
✨ Step 5: Apply Pequi Curl Activator to palms of hands and use to scrunch through mids to ends to activate those beach waves⁠