Meet our GUAVA COLLECTION for Damage Repair, Color Preservation, and UV Protection


Meet: The Guava Fruit

Did you know that UV, chlorine and saltwater all contribute to damage and color fade?

Meet the superfuit Guava: Cherished for its delicious taste and natural source of Vitamin C, antioxidants, potassium, and fiber - and the hero ingredient of our damage repair collection.

Don't do damage, repair it - with our Guava Collection.

"This is exactly what my hair needs after getting balayage a few months back. This duo definitely helps in keeping my strands hydrated and preventing them from frizz, breakage, and overall dryness. Plus, smells soo good!"

"This duo did wonders to my hair! It smells SO GOOD, it's not overwhelming. My hair was left feeling soft, hydrated, clean and shiny. It was everything I look for and needed in a shampoo and conditioner!"

"I love everything from Ceremonia, but this duo is the cherry on top. My hair helped with frizz control, it made my hair shiny & smooth, and even my boyfriend said my hair smelled good, without me saying a word."

"As someone who has recently colored their hair and plans on to continue it, i am beyond stoked that Ceremonia now has color protectant shampoo and conditioner!! the smell is divine, fruity and cinnamon-y and an all around dream. love knowing my hair is protected and taken care of through one of my favorite hair brands!"


Don't do Damage - Repair it


In March, we hosted an open casting day in Puerto Rico, booking the local comunidad as the faces for this campaign, and capturing their honest and vulnerable hair stories.

The historic messaging that curly, frizzy, and wavy hair is “bad” is not only damaging to hair strands, but also to mental health. We aim to redefine traditional beauty standards, putting an end to the idea of ‘pelo malo’ (bad hair). 

Click here to read more stories from our Puerto Rican community.

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