While it may be easy to believe that lighting a candle is as easy as sparking a match, there are a lot of easy and essential tips and tricks for ensuring that you get the most out of it. We’ve all experienced tunneling, soot stains, and wax spills and the truth is all of these issues are easily avoidable with the right knowledge and tools. We are going to walk you through a few of our best practices when it comes to keeping your Candle de Ceremonia in top shape!


1. Let your candle burn for 4+ hours when you first light it

We get it, there’s nothing like lighting that brand new candle right when it comes out of the box. But before you do, make sure you’re planning on leaving it lit for enough time for it to reach an even burn. If you blow it out too soon and the wax has only melted around the wick but not yet reached the rim, this could cause tunneling leaving plenty of perfectly good wax useless. 


Forget this essential rule and light it anyway? Don’t fret, we’ve got a hack for you. Check out the below video for a quick and easy solution to a tunneled candle. 

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2. Keep the wick trimmed

Just like your hair, the healthiest thing you can do for your candle wick is give it a good trim. Every time you blow it out, you should cut the wick down so that it is no longer than a quarter of an inch: this creates a steady, controlled burn. You can use scissors or a wick trimmer to achieve this. But be careful not to cut it too short or the wick might get lost in the wax.


3. Keep your candle in a safe, still spot

Your candle may look perfect on your window sill, but be sure that window is closed. Exposing your candle to harsh elements can prematurely wear it down. In addition, if you light your candle in a windy spot, it could cause the wax to bend and burn unevenly, which can lead to tunnelling. 

Storing your candles at room temperature is key to keeping them from aging too soon. Not to mention, exposing them to high heat can cause the wax to melt without the wonderful aromatic benefits.


4. Keep your candle vessel clean

It’s normal for soot to gather on the insides of the candle vessel, but it’s a good idea to clean it when you see it. You can use a dry towel to wipe away any soot and if you see ash or parts of the trim have fallen in the wax, we recommend carefully removing it with tweezers in order to disrupt the wax as a little as possible and keep the burn clean. 

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 An easy way to minimize soot stains and stray wick pieces is by using a snuffer instead of blowing your candle out. When you blow you may end up throwing the flame towards the vessel and causing wick debris to sink into the wax. Using a snuffer instead will minimize that, not to mention they are a cute little trinket.


5. Don’t burn it all the way down

While it’s not particularly harmful, there really isn’t a point. Once there is less than 10mm of wax left in the jar, there really isn’t enough to throw the scent and it can instead overheat the vessel. Speaking of the vessel…

We intentionally designed our vessel to not only look beautiful in your home while the candle is lit but also so that it is a piece you can repurpose it to store things like beauty products, plants, palo santo, etc. 

That being said, in order to remove the wax from the candle so that you can re-use the vessel you’ll have to make sure you don’t burn it all the way down. Once you have about 10mm, just pop it in the freezer overnight, as that should shrink the wax, and then scoop out what remains the next morning. Voila! 

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When it comes to candle care, the upkeep is simple and the key is consistency – kind of like haircare ;) With these tips under your belt you are fully equipped to maximize the Candle de Ceremonia’s 50-hour burn time (you read that right, 50 hours!). 

Got more questions or need more hacks? Follow us on Tiktok and leave a comment! We’re all ears. 

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