It may be easy to underestimate the benefits of a scalp massager as part of your hair care routine and if you do have doubts - this one’s for you. It may be hard to believe but issues like flakey, itchy scalp, and general lack of scalp care can be easily improved with the consistent use of a scalp massager, also known as a shampoo brush. This tool is small but mighty, and it will instantly up your shower game. Not only are you treating yourself to a spa-like experience but you are improving the health of your scalp, and by proxy your hair, one use at a time.

How do scalp massagers or shampoo brushes work? 

how do scalp brushes work

The most well-known benefits of scalp brushes like our Scalp Masajeador is that it can improve blood circulation and lifts product build up and dead skin cells from your scalp. It essentially exfoliates your scalp as you work it in small circles across your head, clearing out leftover product and sebum that you may not even realize is there. When products such as dry shampoo, styling cream, hair spray etc. are used, they usually stay stuck to the scalp even when you shampoo your hair in the shower. The Scalp Masajeador ensures that you are clearing all of that out and by using the bristles to dislodge those leftover product particles from your scalp. 

Using a shampoo brush to properly cleanse your scalp in the shower is important because the left over sebum from oils and products prevent hair growth and can keep you from unlocking your best hair. Excessive use of products on the scalp lead to clogged particles which can lead to hair loss. We recommend using our Scalp Masajeador in tandem with our Aceite de Moska for superior scalp cleansing and blood circulation to optimize scalp health.

Not to mention, our Scalp Masajeador is especially effective for giving the best experience of a massage without having to go to the salon and of course, without tangling your hair! Allowing yourself that extra moment to massage your scalp as your shampoo lathers is a small way you can give yourself some extra self-care that your hair will most definitely thank you for.


What makes our scalp massage tool unique?

Do shampoo brushes work

When designing our Scalp Masajeador, as with all of our products, we really wanted to make sure that we were creating the highest performing product we could. Little did we know that there are a number of intricacies to a scalp brush that can really impact its productivity. 

Most importantly, our bristles are shaped to follow the curve of your scalp. The bristles in the center of our scalp brush are shorter so that every bristle touches the scalp at all times. This makes a huge difference in terms of how it feels when you use it. Other shampoo brushes use evenly sized bristles which means the part you are massaging is only being touched by a few bristles and is as such less effective. With ours, all the bristles touch at any given time which optimizes the performance tremendously. Another key aspect is that our Scalp Masajeador has an intentional cushion area between the bristles and the holder, which means there is enough “give” to result in the massage feeling that our tool is so well known for. Lastly, our bristles are made of silicone which is optimal for the massage feeling as well as the right amount of strength to really circulate blood and lift up sebum on the scalp. 

How to use a scalp massager

When using this tool, there are two major rules of thumb: be gentle, and use in small, circular motions - not in brushing motion like you would a hairbrush. Traditionally, you would apply shampoo in the shower use your hands to get it lathered across your head and then take the Scalp Masajeador in one hand and move it in small circular motions across your scalp. For a visual aid, you can watch this how-to video on our Youtube page. You can’t massage too long, but at least a minute is good. Then you rinse out your shampoo and go about your shower routine. 

Do scalp massagers work

However, we do have a few hacks for you. For the ultimate deep scalp cleanse we recommend our Scalp Power-Duo, which consists of our scalp brush and Aceite de Moska. When using the duo, there are a couple of extra ways to use your Scalp Masajeador. As usual, you should apply the Aceite de Moska to your scalp before showering. The Aceite de Moska is a scalp oil that helps to promote healthy hair, nourishes and magnifies shine, while smoothing down cuticles to combat frizz. Once you let this sit in your hair for at least 15 minutes, you can hop in the shower and get to treating yourself. After getting your hair wet but before shampooing, you can use the Scalp Masajeador as you normally would by moving along your scalp in small circular motions. This will help drive the Aceite de Moska even deeper into the scalp before washing it out, ensuring the deepest possible clean. After you have done this for a minute or two, it’s time to shampoo. Just as you normally would, work the shampoo in your hair up to a good lather and then bring in the Scalp Masajeador to ensure that any excess product from days of dry shampooing and styling is totally washed off of your scalp. The Aceite de Moska and Scalp Masajeador work in tandem here for a superior kind of clean. 

At the end of the day, we are all about scalp care. We truly believe that healthy care begins at the scalp, so why not do all we can to ensure it is as deeply cleansed and cared for as possible? Adding a Scalp Masajeador to your shower routine is an easy step closer to ultimate scalp and hair wellness. 

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