Introducing PERFUME de la TIERRA, a transportive, clean fragrance, rooted in our culture and soil.

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A clean-formulated fragrance without harsh chemicals or artificial colorants, featuring natural ingredients for a transportive scent experience.


We shot our perfume campaign in Mexico City at the iconic Cuadra San Cristóbal, designed by Mexican architect Luis Barragán. The design principles of Mexican Modernism, the landscape, and the ranches and haciendas of rural Mexico directly inspired the design of the Perfume de la Tierra bottle. The eclectic pops of color, paired with natural wood notes and raw whites mirror the duality of our fragrance, and invite a homecoming to our roots.

“It takes me to a tropical beachside. It’s so FRESH & EARTHY but not overwhelming.”

"It makes me think of the EARTH and being in the ANDES MOUNTAINS in Colombia."

“PURE NOSTALGIA. Summer with my abuela."

"It takes me to my HOMELAND, Acapulco, México."

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In South America, Tonka Beans are considered to be a lucky charm, with its COMFORTING, WARM NOTE that has been utilized in fragrances for generations.

Tonka Beans are harvested by indigenous peoples in the southern part of Venezuela, Amazonas, in the tropical Amazonian rainforest.

Entire villages are financially and socially supported by our suppliers to encourage them to collect the beans, providing a major source of income for isolated communities.


US law does not require companies to be transparent about ingredients in perfume. Fragrance can be some combo of approximately 4,000 hidden ingredients and has historically been seen as a trade secret. We believe in radical transparency, and are proud to fully disclose the ingredients in our fragrance.

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