Our Pequi Curl Activator is a lightweight, milky serum designed to enhance and activate curls without the frizz. It has quickly become a favorite in our community and is the ultimate after-shower step in our full ritual. For curly in particular, it is important that the consistency of the formula is lightweight so as to not weigh down the curls. Our unique, milky formula helps to boost and define curls for an intensified look. The Pequi Curl Activator is easy to use, smells amazing, and instantly revitalizes your hair.

The Pequi Curl Activator consists of a variety of ingredients intentionally sourced from Latin America. These super fruits work together to create a unique formula that works for all hair types and curl types. We’ve come up with easy tips and tricks below to apply Pequi and have the best curl days! 

How to Apply Pequi Curl Activator

    The Pequi Curl Activator can be used on damp or dry hair. We recommend applying it to damp hair after your wash and about 1-2 times a week depending on your hair type to extend the bounce & hydration of your curls. 

After your wash, apply the Pequi Curl Activator to damp hair. You can start by applying a dime-sized amount & build as needed for you hair, we find that the more hair you have the more product you may end up using, but that’s not always true so do whatever feels right for your hair. Lather the formula on your fingertips and apply the product on the mid-length and ends of your hair. Repeat this process as needed to ensure that all your curls are activated. 

If you have the time, you can use your finger to wrap each strand around to really define the curls as you apply the product. You can even then use a diffuser to blow dry your hair if you’re really taking the time. But if not, Pequi Curl is perfect for applying and then air drying.

Pro Tip: A great hair routine for all hair types is using our Aceite de Moska before you wash your hair and applying our Pequi Curl Activator after you wash on damp hair. This simple hair routine can enhance your locks by providing that deep nourishment at the scalp and locking in that moisture and definition throughout your hair.

Pequi Based on Your Hair Type

    When looking for hair products that cater to certain hair types, it is important to know what hair type your locks fall into! Knowing your hair type & curl type can help you figure out what products work best for your hair. We’ve made a step-by-step guide on how to identify your hair type and curl pattern. Once you match your locks to a hair type, then you can look for products that work for your hair.

    Hair Type is divided into 4 categories: Type 1: Straight Hair, Type 2: Wavy Hair, Type 3: Curly Hair, and Type 4: Coily Hair. Then, it is divided into subcategories, A-C, which is used to measure the thickness of hair. As an example, a person who has 2B hair has wavy and slightly thicker hair, while a person who has 3C hair has curly hair with tight small curls. 

Why is knowing your hair type important for Pequi Curl Activator because it will help inform how much product you need to use as well as give you insight as to what to expect from the product. From straight strands to kinky curls you can find a recipe that works for you with this formula. Let’s walk through Pequi by hair type.

Pequi on Straight Hair: (Type 1 A-C)

    Pequi will deliver hydrating results to your hair, it will reduce frizz, create shine & moisturize your locks. 

Pequi on Wavy Hair: (Type 2 A-C)

For Wavy hair or Type 2 A-C: Pequi will activate your natural waves and curls with a lightweight addition that will define your waves and give them a bit more bounce and volume. We love using the Pequi for those loose waves that will give your hair the extra oomph and blowout look for the best hair days! You may be surprised how your natural waves are amplified by just a few drops of this milky serum.

Pequi on Curly Hair: (Type 3 A-C)

    Type 3 hair is bouncy, spirally, iconic S-shaped curls. For people with this hair type, it is important to have balanced hydration and moisture on the curls to prevent weighing down the curls. Pequi will ensure that your curls are hydrated and lightweight without frizz or crunch you may experience when using mousse. Frizzy curls are caused by dryness which is why we thoughtfully created this formula with Castor Oil and Murumuru Butter as it they help to provide essential conditioning and hydration for a nourishing styling ritual.

Pequi on Coily Hair: (Type 4 A-C)

    This last hair type consists of tight, coiled curls that may resemble a C or Z pattern. For this hair type, Pequi will bring not only hydration but also strengthen, as it will condition and protect hair to lock in moisture and provide the endurance to your curls to remain bouncy and curly until your next wash.

It’s important to point out that for Hair Types 3 and 4, the washing time period takes longer, from once a week to washing with conditioner up to 2 times a week. For these hair types, using the Pequi Curl Activator during wash days is vital to make your curls last longer between days, so that your curls can remain as lightweight, defined, and hydrated as possible on the days leading up to your wash.

Why is it called the Pequi Curl Activator?

    As the name suggests, the Pequi Curl Activator consists of a variety of ingredients; but the most important one is Pequi Oil. Originated from Brazil, Pequi Oil is a natural ingredient that works as a moisturizer and activator, that locks in moisture for defined curls without the frizz. In addition, ingredients such as Murumuru Butter from Brazil, which delivers deep nourishment to your hair, allowing it to retain hydration for longer. Aloe Vera from Guatemala, which stimulates your hair to grow and develop with extra strength and more, the Pequi Curl Activator provides clean, deep nourishment to your hair and retains moisture for softer, lightweight hair and curls.

    We hope that these tips and tricks will help you look for the best hair products for your hair type. If you’re looking for a natural curl-defining super serum that works for all hair types and results in lightweight, bouncy, and hydrated curls without the frizz, look no further than the Pequi Curl Activator. If you would like to purchase the Pequi Curl Activator and add a new staple to your hair routine, click here to purchase. 

If you would like to watch more content about the Pequi Curl Activator featuring our Ceremonia Familia, click here to check out our Youtube channel. 

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