On Postpartum Hair Loss

5 steps to maintain a healthy scalp for luscious hair and a fast recovery from postpartum hair loss.
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The Story of the Frida Headband

Our signature headband inspired by Frida Kahlo has become a cult-favorite among our community. Take a minute to read the story behind the cultural icon and why we find her so inspiring...
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An Ode to Wash Day

Janel Martinez02.24.2022
An Ode to Wash Day by our guest author, Janel Martinez.
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Black Latinas Who Broke Barriers By Embracing Their Natural Hair

Jenay Wright02.04.2022
Introducing four Black Latinas who inspired our guest author, Jenay Wright.
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How to Care for your Candle de Ceremonia

There are five key points to making the most of your Candle de Ceremonia, and some of them will surprise you, so read up!
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On the Transition to Sulfate-Free Shampoo

You've probably heard that there's a transition phase when switching from a shampoo with sulfates to a clean routine. Here's what to expect and why.
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